Premios y Reconocimientos

- Primer premio a la '' Best new product of Gulf Market '' de AgraMe 2015!

  - FINALISTAS PARA EL PREMIO CLIMATCOLAB DEL M.I.T.  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Collective Intelligence)

- "Premio Verde 2014 Accenture Tulip" a la innovación, el más prestigioso de Holanda.


La renombrada institución internacional SUSTAINIA ha publicado su tercera GUÍA “SUSTAINIA100”, en la cual se identifican las 100 soluciones mundiales sustentables más prometedoras. Con el foco puesto en innovaciones disponibles, viables y de escala, la misión de SUSTAINIA es la de madurar mercados para productos y servicios sustentables. Las tecnologías Groasis se encuentran entre las 9 más destacadas.

- The Groasis Waterboxx: Creating Oases in the Desert

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Carol Abken

By Paul Skaloud, University of British Columbia ’16

As the first environmental organization focused on climate change, the Climate Institute has been encouraging innovative ways to impact the problem of climate change for over 25 years. Through efforts in public education such as the Center for Environmental Leadership and the Tickell Network, emissions reduction initiatives such as the Black Carbon Reduction Program and the Arctic Climate Action Registry, and publications such as The Climate Alert, The Climate Institute aims to contribute to research in climate change solutions and form strategic partnerships between scientists, policymakers, and the public to address these challenges. Visit find out more.

- El Global Opportunity Report 2015, generado por Virgin UNITE, Fundación promovida por el exitoso empresarioRichard Branson, ha reconocido al Groasis Waterboxx como una de las tres oportunidades de negocios más importantes en el segmento Escasez de Agua.

Lack of fresh water

By 2050, global water demand is expected to increase by over 50%. Yet worldwide, the number of people whose right to fresh water is not met is as high as 3.5 billion and nearly 10% of all watersheds in the US are overexploited.

The top three opportunities in this area identified by the report are:

Water efficient agriculture – see Groasis Waterboxx  

Co-created through workshops with over 200 experts, and by surveying over 6,000 public and private sector leaders from 21 countries, the Global Opportunity Report 2015 explores the big challenges, and hence the big business opportunities, coming our way. Here are the top three opportunities identified for each risk area and examples of businesses and initiatives getting ahead…


SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. The guide identifies readily available projects, initiatives and technologies at the forefront of sustainable innovation. This year, Sustainia’s research team and advisory board screened a pool of +900 nominated solutions from which the final 100 solutions were selected. The Groasis Waterboxx has been selected for its state-of-art-solution

- Environmental Excellence Award 2012 El Verano

The El Verano School in Sonoma California rewarded Pieter Hoff with the Environmental Excellence award for 'being a "Worldwide" Environmental Leader', because the children of the El Verano School realised that the sooner you learn the importance of water, the better. 

- Limburg Design Association Award 2011

The Groasis Waterboxx has won the Limburg Design Association Award. This is an initiative from the Province of Limburg, DSM, Chamber of Commerce, Syntens and OCE. Groasis is very happy that more jury’s understand the enormous significance of the Groasis Technology. Many fantastic new inventions are introduced annually, but without food no invention has any value. The Groasis Technology helps us solving the food problem and therefore we are very happy and grateful that jury’s recognize the value of it and honor us with their award.

- Popular Science Award 2010

The Groasis Waterboxx is the 2010 Best of What's New Innovation of the Year.

In November 2010 Popular Science organized the 4th Annual election of the 'Best of what´s New' innovation. This competition found place between 117 fantastic products of Fortune 500 companies, including the iPad from Apple and the Ledlamp from Philips. The Groasis Waterboxx won the Green Tech Award (category sustainable inventions) and also won the 'Best of all' award. Please visit the following two pages of the Popular Science website.

- Bèta Dragons Science Award 2008

In November 2008 the “Groasis” Waterboxx was rewarded by the Bèta Dragons Platform in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The jury was very positive about the potential of the “Groasis” Waterboxx as a solution for ecological - and poverty issues.

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